Giant American Millipede

Giant American Millipedes are large millipedes that mostly found east of the Mississippi River. These North American natives are also known as the Ironworm or the North American Millipede. All millipedes are Diplopods, belonging to the class Diplopoda. They are most common in woods in the leaf litter under rocks or logs. They need it real moist because they dry out really quickly. These millipedes have red or orange stripes in between each segment. A lot of things eat Giant American Millipedes, including frogs, lizards, moles, and birds.When threatened, they can release a terrible smell and a substance that can cause chemical burns or discoloration for a short period of time, which is why my little brother calls them ”Stink Millipedes”. Another defense mechanism is to roll up into a ball of armor to make it harder for predators eat them. They eat decaying leaves, rotting wood, and garden plants, like lettuce and cucumber. There are more than 10,000 species of these amazing creatures.

Close up of a Giant American Millipede’s head



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