Superstition Mountains Scorpion

Superstition Mountains Scorpions are relatively small scorpions, getting to only about 1 inch long at adulthood. These Harmless arachnids are the only species in the genus superstitionia. They live in the Sonoran Desert, in Arizona, California, and Nevada. The one here was found in Tucson, AZ. We found about 15 scorpions there in January. They are named after the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix. One thing that fascinates me about scorpions is that they fluoresce under ultraviolet [uv], aka black lights. If you shine a black light on them, they will glow a blueish green. As long as the scorpion has eaten once in its lifetime, it will glow. Even dead scorpions fluoresce. These scorpions eat spiders, crickets,  moths, and each other! Scorpions are food for mice and lizards. If you want to learn more about scorpions and their kin, I suggest you get the book,”Scorpions, Windscorpions, and Pseudoscorpions: Culturing Ancient Arachnids” By Orin McMonigle. Scorpions are one of my favorite creatures.



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