Western Fence Lizard

The Western Fence Lizard is a native to Arizona, California, and other western states as well as northern Mexico. They are found sunning themselves on rocks or logs. These lizards are incredibly fast and hard to catch. Sometimes you will be walking on a paved trail and a lizard will dash under your feet and into the underbrush. The one we are featuring tried to run of the trail we were walking on and under a rock, but we also saw one in an old boot! They are easily identified by their bright blue bellies. They can camouflage themselves very well, so they are not always easy to find. They are preyed upon by birds, larger lizards, and snakes, which is why speed and camouflage play such an important role in their survival. Western Fence Lizards eat bugs like spiders, flies, and grasshoppers. Scientists have found that the chance of getting lyme disease is lower in areas where the number of these lizards are high. This is because when ticks commonly feed on the blood of these lizards, a protein in the lizard’s blood kills the bacteria in the tick that causes the disease, so the tick doesn’t carry lyme disease.

Watch the following videos to see if this lizard is dead or not.


Is it dead or not? Watch the next video to find out!


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