Wheel Bugs

Wheel Bugs are in the family of Reduviidae, which consists of Assassin Bugs. They stab their prey with a tube-like mouth called arostrum. They inject venom and eat the prey’s insides using the rostrum. Wheel Bugs are very large, growing to 2 inches long. Their bites hurt like CRAZY!I have been bitten a few times. I usually find them on tall grasses or on fences, but I have also found one on a streetlight in a parking lot! Male Wheel Bugs can fly, but the females are usually too heavy to fly with the weight of unlaid eggs. Only adult Wheel Bugs can fly. You can identify Wheel Bugs by the wheel-shaped appendage on their thorax. Wheel Bugs are black or gray. Their defense stance is raising their front legs, showing their rostrum, and making a squeaking sound. They can also let out a repulsive smell which deters predators. Wheel Bugs are fascinating creatures.

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