Banded Garden Spider

One of my favorite spiders is the Banded Garden Spider. The females have black, yellow, and silver bands all over their abdomen, giving them their name. Females are a lot bigger and bulkier than males with bands going all the way down their legs, unlike the males which have solid brown legs. Males have no bands, but do have gold highlights on the abdomen. These are big spiders and, like all spiders, are venomous and can inflict a painful bite if handled carelessly. Although their bites hurt, they are not deadly and will only leave a red mark for a little while. These spiders build orb-shaped webs that can be as big as 2 feet wide and are found in tall plants and grasses. However, I had one that built a web on our fence and another constructed a web on our deck. The one on the fence I called the Treehopper Terror because every day when I went to check on her, she would have at least 10 Treehoppers stuck in her web. These spiders are really cool.




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