If you turn over a rock or a log, you might see small tunnels with hundreds of little bugs swarming in them. These are ants. Ants can lift objects MANY times their own weight, making them pound for pound, one of the strongest animals in the world. These common little creatures come in all different shapes and sizes and live all over the world. There are more ants than humans in the world. Different types of ants can bite, sting, and even spray formic acid at predators as well as prey. There are lots of species of ants that have been discovered.These social insects are usually harmless, but some can be very painful. Bullet Ants do not eat meat, but they do sting. It feels as if you have been shot! People used to tie prisoners up near Driver Ant’s nests and let the ants bite and sting the prisoners to death. Army Ants have no permanent nest. They march in thick lines, killing anything unlucky enough to stumble into the swarm, from cockroaches to pythons.Ants are amazing.


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