“Jumpy” The Emerald Jumping Spider

Jumpy was an Emerald Jumping Spider, and no, Emerald Jumpers won’t make you rich, it’s just their stunning color. They have a swath of green on the tops of both the cephalothorax and abdomen, giving them their name. When I was 8, I caught her under the fence in our yard. At first, she struggled out of my grip and I thought she had gotten away until I felt something crawling on me. She had jumped onto my arm and was climbing towards my sleeve. I quickly captured her and calmly relocated her to a habitat.
     She was a very curious spider. When I first put her in her habitat, she wouldn’t stop exploring, inspecting every nook and cranny. Jumpy was a voracious eater, devouring anything small enough for her huge appetite. She mostly ate thin-legged wolf spiders and crickets. Sometimes she would eat 10 spiders or 5 crickets in 1 day.
     Jumpy was very active. She would spend a good part of the day jumping from leaf to leaf. I would take her out and let her jump from finger to finger. My mom got a great picture of her in midair.
     Jumpy was lightning fast. She almost escaped a few times. She would hide on the lid of her habitat, jumping out with amazing speed when I went to feed her. Even though she’d make a dash for it, I always recovered her in the end.
     One time, I saw a cardinal pecking at Jumpy’s container, trying to get at her. I scared  the cardinal away and saw that Jumpy was OK, but the container was completely destroyed. I took her out and put her in a less-likely-to-be-pecked-to-death container. For a while I could not take her out because she probably thought I was a bird. After about a week, she finally calmed down enough and I could hold and feed her without her freaking out.
     Jumpy was an awesome spider and I kept her for 3 months.

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